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By scheduling online you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. Adult must be presented when the tech arrives.
2. Schedule time is final only after you get text/email confirmation by the office.
3. Cleaning process can take around 1-4 hours depends on how big is your ductwork system.
4. During the cleaning process we will need to have access to all vents opening in the house.
5. Arrival time is one hour window wait time.
6. By schedule you agree to remove and waive any responsibility from the technician and Boston air duct cleaning any damage in the plaster, screw, vent cover, wood covering and paint that can be chipped or damaged.
7. If we can't open the vent cover due to damage concerns or any other reason we will let you know. Keep in mind we can’t know about any further damage before we open the vent cover.
8. Payment is on site after the cleaning is completed by credit card.
9. we will charge late fee upon any delayed in the payment.
10. Some dust can be exposed to the house during the cleaning process, we recommend to schedule house cleaning after the ductwork cleaning is completed. 11. We are not responsible for any health or breathing issue because of the cleaning process.
12. No guarantee for mold or mildew removal.
13. Anyone with health/breath/allergies/asthma issues we highly recommend to be out of the house for at least 24 hours.
14. Due to weather or unexpected circumstances we keep the right to cancel or reschedule the service with a short notice.
15. We are not responsible for any mechanical or electrical issues or noise with bathroom fan if you choose to clean it.
16.By schedule online you remove any responsibility for any dryer vent structure issue or any issues with your ductwork or vent cover/flap in the cleaning process. 17. By schedule online or by phone you agree to remove any responsibility dryer or washer machine from any appliances damaged or any water leak because we move the dryer or washer. We are not responsible for any vent damage or any water leaks that cause because the cleaning process or any vent structure inside the walls. If you want to clean in the same address more than 1 dryer vent please mention that in the Schedule note.

Cancellation Policy
You can cancel the appointment any time with no extra charge. Schedule time is one hour window for the arrival.
we resave the right to cancel appointment due to manpower issues or whether issues.
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