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How I know I need to clean my Air Duct?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Well, probably you wonder to yourself self how do I know when I need to clean my Air Duct in my house?

So there is a few way and tips to know if you need to clean the Air Duct in your house.

1. when is the last time I clean my Air Duct in my house?

Typically Air Duct Cleaning need to be done every 2-4 years , It's depends on the location of the house.

if it's dry or dusty in the area that you are living, if it's cold or wet most of the time or if you're are in the desert or if you're in the forest or maybe you are in the city.

more factors to keep in mind What is the size of the home? and how many people you have in the family? if you have any animals pets in the house.

the standard and average Air Duct cleaning need to be done is every 2 to 4 years and if you over that so you need to you know you need to clean the Air Duct in your house.

2. How is the filter look like for the HVAC?

you probably know the filter need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months in the HVAC system, and it's different from House to house and from different HVAC model how often do you need to replace the filter in your system.

when you replace the filter you should look at the filter and see how the filter look like if the filter is black or clogged It's mean that you need to replace the filter more often, if you replace the filter more often and it's still look bad this is a sign that you probably need to clean the HVAC Air Duct in your house.

3.How is your HVAC Vent cover look like?

this is the simple way to know if you have issue with your Ductwork in your house , you just need to look on the vent cover, and if you see black dust or green/black spot on the Vent Cover , it's mean that the vent is blowing dust to your house. even if you have a filter it's still coming through the Air Duct to your house and this is the simple way to know if you need to clean the Air Duct, just look at the vents on the floor or in the ceiling and see if you see any dust on the house you can take also a white cloth and wipe the cover and see how the cloth look like, if the cloth is black it's mean that you need to clean the Ductwork in your house .

4. Look around your furniture.

There is another simple way to know if you need to clean the Air Duct in your house, just look on your furniture and see if you have dust on the surface of the furniture, if you notice all the time that you have thin layer of dust on your dining table or any other furniture in the house and you don't understand why you have that dust so guess what? is probably coming from your Air Duct system.

5. Look at the floor

If you see any debris near to the vent under the vents, if your vents it's on the ceiling and you see debris under the vent it's mean that the vent is blowing debris to the floor, sometime it's also a sign that you have a leak in your vent and it's can be insulation from your attic to inside the well.

6. New house or just remodeling?

Many of our clients think that if they have a new house so they don't need to clean the ductwork ,well 99% of the new house when we inspect the vents we find construction debris, white dust and other junk in the Air Duct System because of the builder or the contractor did not clean the vent before you move in, most of the client don't know what's going on inside their Air Duct system and they put the trust in the builder,but after we show him a few pictures they're in shock what they have inside because they think it's a new system. we recommend that you contact with your contractor or your Builder and find out if they clean the vent before you move in .

7. How is your health?

Most of our time we are at our house and we don't get a fresh Air from outside, the windows and doors are closed in the house most of the time, so we breeding the air the circle in our house form the Air Vent and if you have any dust debris or insulation or even mold in the Air Vent it's going to affect on your health. many research show That poor air Quality in your house over time cause a many health issues like headaches vision issues , coughing an even severe disease.

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